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Prosper Daniels Clothing is a fashion design home envisioned by fashion designer Prosper Daniel. PD spotlights on Men, Women, Children and Businesses¬.

Prosper Daniels aims to create into the fashion powerhouse offering high end, quality designs to a niche market at lower prices than the competition. Our concept expresses unique style which are inspired by nature, architecture, people, culture, history and romance.

Prosper Daniels Clothing objective is to provide a peek that offers the wearer with a unique and individualistic elegance. The design presents fashionable, classy and sustainable gear. PD enjoys articulating his impressions through clothing with graceful artlessness but is also incredibly selective. His clothing expresses distinctive all inclusiveness, regardless of your class and status in life we uphold you. PD presents a classic and modern look centered on simplicity, individuality and class. Prosper Daniels Clothing employs luxury fabrics with sophisticated details such as hand stitching in our suiting, coat and jack to add uniqueness and personality to each piece. All our suits are Half and Full Canvas which allows the suit textile to drape appropriately and will mold to your body for the perfect fit. Our Half and Full Canvas Suits aids the longevity of the suit by dispensing tension at friction points (shoulders, elbows), it allows the suit to “breathe” and holds up to frequent dry cleaning.