Why choose Prosper Daniels

Customer Care

Our clients are like gold to us, we like to treat each of our clients as such, going out of our way to ensure you get the best product and a perfect fit. We devote account managers for bigger clients.

Quality Control System:

Quality is paramount, therefore our hallmark. We take quality control seriously; we habitually inspect our garments at various stages throughout production. We frequently test all apparel in the design phase before we are pleased to ship to our clients.

Super Product Quality

Compulsive attention to detail. Prosper Daniels employs luxury fabrics with sophisticated details such as hand stitching in our suiting, dress shirts, coats, and jackets just to mention a few, to add uniqueness and personality to each piece. All our suits are Half and Full Canvas which allows the suit textile to drape suitably and will sculpt to your body for the perfect fit. Our Half and Full Canvas Suits aids the longevity of the suit by dispensing tension at friction points (shoulders, elbows), it allows the suit to “breathe” and holds up to frequent dry cleaning.

Reliable garment Supply:

As demonstrated by our customers we are a trustworthy Custom/Bespoke /Made to order tailor for many organisations and individuals. We offer exceptional incentives for our small and bigger clients including e-commerce portals, negotiated credit terms and special delivery terms.

Environmental Sustainability:

we prefer to team up with suppliers that are environmentally mindful and eco-friendly. We firmly believe in recycling, using reusable materials, eco-friendly packaging and using a system that has a low carbon mark.

Secure Online Shopping:

Enjoy comfort in the understanding you can shop for apparel, garments and merchandise on our SSL encrypted secure online shop.

On-Time delivery

Meeting customers’ expectations and delivery requirements is Prosper Daniels priority. We deliver shipments within the promised dates.